- This is an excellent D-STAR communications tool that can be utilized in a number of ways. Be sure to visit the D-RATS website for the most current downloads and documentation.
- Download install files from HERE.
- Getting Started With D-RATS - A Quick Start Guide.
- Paulding ARES Ratlector Host Address (2022) : drats.pauldingares.com
- You can find a D-RATS Ratflector List HERE

W1HKJ Software

- Great site for almost all of your digital needs including downloads for fldigi / flarq , flwrap , flmsg , and flrig. New versions of each of the software packages are released on a regular basis, so be sure to check the site periodically for new releases. You can check your current version number against the latest release by going to the Download Page.

Advanced NBEMS

- This is a fantastic tutorial put together with screenshots and step by step instructions for those interested in digital communications. Paulding ARES utilizes and practices NBEMS, so please review the document to better familiarize yourself with the software and then practice with others in passing messages on the WB4QOJ 146.955 - 77hz repeater.

Winmor Express HF

- This is a tutorial put together with screenshots and step by step instructions for those wanting to install and setup Winmor Express for HF.

Winlink Express Telnet Setup

- Use this to guide you through the process of installing and setting up Winlink Express Telnet.

Winlink Radio-Only Setup

- Use this step by step procedure for successful use of the Winlink Radio-Only mode.

Check-in to the Digital portion of our PCARES Weekly Net (Thurs 7:00pm)

We encourage you use any/all of the following methods:
Linked Repeaters: 146.955(-)77Hz and 443.475(+)77Hz
EchoLink: Node #3026
Winlink: Send ICS213 to wx4pca@winlink.org
Peanut: DSTAR: XLX043A
DRATS: net:drats.pauldingares.com:9000
All licensed amateurs are welcome.