ARES Emergency Communicator Task Book
- Self Study NIMS courses, Complete Level 1 required for deployment., Due 3Q/2021

ARES Connect Webinar
- ARES Connect Webinar presented by Dan Ozment (W4DTO)

National Traffic System Training Manual (PDF) , (DOC)
- How to easily pass and handle ARRL Radiograms

Continuous Chest Compression
- Six minute video on how to perform Continuous Chest Compression

NIMS Training

GEMA/FEMA Training
- the list of ICS and NIMS Courses.
It is required that all public safety personnel are "NIMS compliant"; even volunteer responders like ARES members.

NIMS training can be found on the training site.
Select: Independent Study

Courses ICS-100 & ICS-700 are the minimum courses to complete. This ensures responders understand the basics of the incident management system which is the command structure used during emergency/disaster response.

After completing a course, save a copy of your Certificate and email a copy to Ruth-WA4MDQ email: WA4MDQ at webtitans dot biz.